Good Times

In the Good Ole  Days

Way back when I was just a pup I used to spend my days either running around getting into whatever I could find or just napping. But one fall Saturday afternoon things changed. I heard everyone in the living room hoping and hollering. I ran in to see what it was all about. The announcer on  the TV screamed “Here Come The Irish” and the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame were running out of that tunnel. Oh, I had seen football before but this was different. Everyone was so excited and those boys in the shining gold helmets were so beautiful. That fight song had me jumpin’ and barking.  Unfortunately, the Irish were defeated by the Longhorns.

Outlaw Pete

Eating Barbecue

Sometimes some of the fellas watching the games here drink beer and eat barbecue during the game, me, I eat some barbecue, there’s plenty laying around for me to pick off, but I just drink water. With all the yelling and screaming it gets louder than a hail storm on a metal roof.

How It used To Be

Around here I hear a lot about Ole Roc, Leahy, Ara, and Holtz. Sometimes I get to watch films of those old games. Some are black and white so it’s harder for me to make out, but I can tell by the way everyone acts those were really great coaches and players. Some of the favorites around here from the old days are Lujack, Lattner, Lynch, Duranko, Montana, Eddie, Brown, Zorich, and Ismael.

Tough Times

These days it seems the Irish are going through some tough times You know I wasn’t around when they were at the top but if today’s excitement is a barometer I can’t imagine what it will be like when they start winning again.  Whatever it’s like I’ll be right in the middle of it. Of course even I can see, from the looks of things this year it may take a while. I just hope I live long enough to see it. Me, I’ll be right in front of that 60inch TV when the announcer screams, “Here Come The Irish”.